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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Suddenly Homesickness strikes me. Or is this just stress from being an adult?

After all those months. After all those months that I thought I finally feel "settled", homesickness suddenly strikes. The funny thing is, I just came back from shopping! My favorite sport. And just as I sat down, this ugly feeling came creeping in.

I don't know if it really is homesickness or if I just miss all the good times I've had in the past. Dang it, why did I ever look at all those pictures of a younger me. I miss going out with friends, I miss having fun on weekends.

I hate having to worry about bills, I hate doing laundry on a Saturday morning, I hate having to think about what I'll prepare for tonight's dinner, I hate worrying about adult stuff. Sure, I have way much purchasing power right now, but why do I miss those times when I have to beg my parents money to buy the most ridiculous thing that's the latest craze in school?

I just feel like getting away right now. It was so easy back in the days. I just call up a couple of my closest buds, and we just hop in a car and drive to the nearest place that makes us happy.
I miss them good ol' days. I miss those 2 and half month long summer vacations. I miss going to school knowing that no matter how many times I flunk a test, my friends and I will still have a good time "sa tambayan".

I miss them good ol' days. :)